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Guangzhou Yinlilai car audio is located in Guangzhou Huadu District with developed traffic and beautiful environment. Specializing in the production of car audio, car horn, civil horn products, since the establishment of the company has maintained a rapid development momentum. The company has a high-level R & D center, with advanced product research and development, process design capabilities, has been constantly working hard, from design to finished products, each process is strictly checked to ensure reliable quality. At the same time in the product, technology, business, resources and management aspects to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. With excellent quality management, we continue to introduce a variety of products, beautiful appearance, excellent performance. The production of automobile subwoofer fashion and generous, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Taiwan, mainland and other markets around the world. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system to ensure the stability of product quality. Adhering to the business philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win, integrity first, to provide customers with better car audio products.
Each of our products have been refined, take long 䃼 short, and strive for excellence in each product, perfect. After years of screening and research, so that each product is a boutique, in todays market has a strong table. Products continue to innovate, leading and representing the trend and direction of car audio, especially automotive active subspeakers.
Our company in line with the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, sincerely hope that the regional agents to join. We always focus on doing a good job of each product, focus on doing a good job of their own brand, so that our products always maintain a professional level.
With domestic advanced production testing equipment and well-trained production technology management personnel, the selection of high-quality raw materials, products in accordance with lS09001 standards to establish and improve quality, guarantee system to carry out production and after-sales service. Adhering to the "integrity, cooperation, innovation" ghost business philosophy, with a high degree of pioneering spirit and development of strategic vision, always standing in the forefront of the market and fashion. After continuous upgrading of products, in the domestic market has quickly been recognized and favored by consumers.
On the basis of mutual benefit, Guangzhou Yinlilai car audio is willing to work with customers all over the world to create a better future.
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  • Contact:Pan Keru
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  • Address:Company address: Yinlilai Electronics Co., LTD., East Team, Xinya Street, Huadu District, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong (Old Zhongyi Electronics)
  • Project:professional car horn, civil horn

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