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Guangzhou Xiangke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. after several years of development, has become a stage active speaker high-power amplifier board, mobile battery speaker amplifier board, HiFi audio amplifier board well-known enterprises. In recent years, Xiangke has gathered a vigorous and enterprising marketing team and a number of technical backbone. In the same industry, stand out and become the leader in the industry.
In the face of increasingly fierce competition and unpredictable market, Xiangke people know the truth of "sailing against the current, not forward, then back". Summarize the past, challenge the future, be diligent and persistent, and meet a new round of the industry with a more ambitious fighting spirit, determined to become the horse in the industry.
"Quality first, management first" is Xiangke people always adhere to the business philosophy, standardized management, the implementation of pragmatic and enterprising business style, Xiangke product quality to a higher level, is the original intention of Xiangke people unchanged.
Create a first-class enterprise, do first-class products. Xiangke peoples unique design style, exquisite production technology, the pursuit of product "zero defect" quality awareness, is the source of Xiangke peoples development.
Xiangke welcomes new and old customers to visit, negotiate, with sincerity, sincere cooperation, to jointly open up your beautiful future! I believe we can do better!
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  • Project:power amplifier board

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