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The development and application of professional outdoor energy storage power supplies, home mobile energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage and other related accessories (inverter single and dual DC controller panel BMs protection panel Mppt solar tracking controller), as well as the development of other power supply products. The company has complete supporting facilities, and its own product appearance structure mold injection molding, electronic circuit research and development, assembly workshop and other high-quality supporting equipment. We welcome oEM or oDM customized design and production
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  • Contact:Mr.YNA Randy
  • Mobile:086-18926465489 ,086-18520873947
  • Address:Address:Factory Building 1,Jiatiangang Industrial Zone,Huangtian Community,Hangcheng Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen
  • Project:Energy storage power accessories
  • Brands:egdog

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Shenzhen Yingjian Energy Technology Co.,LTD
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