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Yongfeng County Baiyi Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Jian city, Jiangxi Province, is a professional enterprise engaged in customized production and export wholesale data cable. Tengtian Town, Guxian Town, and Zuolong Township three finished product production workshops, the company has more than ten years focused on wire research and development team, professional production, customized data cable as one of the wire finished product company. It mainly engaged in TYPE-C data cable, Android data cable, Apple data cable, etc., focusing on overseas market and domestic e-commerce market sales, with annual output value of 5 million to 10 million US dollars.
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  • Contact:Mr. Wang
  • Mobile:13507969924
  • Address:3rd floor, Building 8, Agricultural Materials Market, Enjiang Town, Yongfeng County, Jian City, Jiangxi Province
  • Project:Data cable, Charging Audio cable

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Yongfeng County Baiyi Electronic Co., LTD
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