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Guangzhou Haohuiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, is a professional research and development, manufacturing and assembly of 18650 battery, polymer battery, power lithium battery company, in order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, the company introduced the domestic advanced production equipment and testing equipment, Products are widely used in outdoor audio, lighting, tools, small appliances and other types of electronic and electrical equipment, enterprises will face the market development opportunities and challenges, we continue to improve the quality, continuous innovation, excellence, as always with high quality products to win customer recognition, hand in hand with domestic customers to create the future.
Enterprise spirit:
Integrity, efficiency, excellence, innovation, quality first, customer first.
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  • Contact:Mr.Zhang
  • Mobile:18688864861
  • Address:44 Jinghu Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou
  • Project:Battery

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Guangzhou Haohuiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
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