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Factory age: 4 Year
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Shenzhen Jiyixing Technology Co., Ltd. is a source manufacturer focusing on all kinds of USB data lines, chargers, support customization, accept OEM / ODM orders, is the best choice for major e-commerce companies, trading companies and counters. The products are mainly exported to Amazon, AliExpress, E-bay and other e-commerce platforms. For many years has been the quality and innovation as the core competitiveness, to provide customers with high quality, safe and guaranteed power products.
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  • Contact:Mr Cheng
  • Mobile:13751161905
  • Address:No. 413, Cheung Shing Mansion, 167 Zhenan Road, Xiaobian, Changan Town, Changan, Dongguan
  • Project:Data Line, Fast Charging Head, Mobile Phone Accessories

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Dongguan Ji Yi Xing Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.
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