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Guangzhou Happy Di Electronic Equipment Co., LTD., officially established on May 22, 2018, is committed to the development and manufacturing of all kinds of USB chargers and power adapters. The products are widely used in information, small household appliances, lighting, lighting, audio, stage lights, amplifiers, TV sets. Gifts and information technology products and other application fields and meet the needs of various markets, and can undertake OEM/ODM similar products. At present, Happy Di Electronics has all kinds of advanced production and inspection equipment in the industry, perfect manpower, and a series of complete modern operating departments such as R & D department, engineering Department, quality control Department, Marketing Department and materials Department under the organization. The company has a group of experienced and dynamic management team and professional and technical personnel, the total number of employees is more than 70 people, of which the management team and professional and technical personnel account for 20% of the total number of employees, and the number of employees is increasing to meet the needs of rapid production, clean and tidy production area, living area and office area are independent, a total of more than 2000 square meters, Create a comfortable environment for employees. Since its establishment, the companys non-standard products have been exported to many overseas countries, in the global environmental problems and energy conservation problems are becoming increasingly serious situation, happy Di Electronics fully implement the EU ROSH Directive, product design meet the above V standards. From product design to raw material procurement, to production links and product transportation, all aspects of strict control, products have environmental protection index control, and strive to contribute to the global environmental protection and energy conservation cause.
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  • Project:Adapter power supply board
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Guangzhou happy Di electronic equipment Co., LTD
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