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zhixianda technology co.. d. s a professional engaged in the LCD industry of private enlerprises, sel product customized developmentdesign. productlan. mmarkelina.afteered the liguld crystal industry in July 2002. and the products includeindastrial moand abroadThe main prodare 7-221ce AVIPC/BNCHDMUTV/DW disnlay.widelv used in securityarlentedthe entcrpriscorasogressie.dedicated and efficienexectioncers.tht0mBVSO08DMOEENCRIStONOTeSOBrCESSSAnVImesheChe fonnder le the tesm of zhciswewnatoroetour nnainsnteptommpany cannol be seperetefrom the trist and sapport af every customed Thank ynu!
Company philosophy: create value for customersVislon: to become sn
internafional brand in the industry
Company culture: be grateful to customers and give back to the society
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  • Contact:Sherry
  • Mobile:+86 13760382198
  • Address:4th Floor, Building D, No. 7, East District, Bantian Shangxue Science and Technology Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
  • Project:Industrial Open frame monitor, All-in-one pc monitor, Touch screen monitor, Embedded monitor, Flat screen monitor
  • Brands:ZHIXIANDA

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Shenzhen Zhixianda Technology Co., Ltd
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